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  10. Intention indeed!
  11. This happened many years ago.
  13. My wife was in bed and I was in the bathroom washing up. Our son was in the bedroom saying goodnight to my wife.
  15. I came into the bedroom and hung my robe on a hook. I was not wearing anything else.
  17. My wife tuned to our son and said something like "Daddy is wearing his birthday suit and it looks a lot like yours". Our son calmly replies "Yes, but mine fits better".
  19. This was not "bratting" in any way. Out son has a fine sense of humor and we all laughed.
  21. by RichM on 2005 Mar 20 - 14:40 | reply to this comment
  22. I think brats are divine
  23. I think brats are divine actually ;) I can be a brat but I can also be sweet. I'm not addressing this at anyone in particular but why sometimes does this stuff have to be so darned serious! It should be fun! I agree with the writer of this post! I love being a brat! It gets me what I want more times than it doesn't! And my spanker loves me being a brat because it gives him a good reason to spank my derriere ;)He then turns me from a brat into a contrite individual~ what's so bad about that scenario! As for making a game out of discipline... well it is a game to me to engage in discipline. Spanking and dominance is so many things to so many people! I am sure sometimes when someone reads what I have to say they probably think I'm some opinionated bratty woman that likes to just annoy her spanker to get his attention like some child. Well that is fine because I can also be a child, but I can also be a very nice and likeable person as well as that brat. Just because a person finds it annoying for someone to act bratty~ well at the same time the person that is the brat and her spanker may love the hell out of that approach and that is what counts :)