From Anonymous, 2 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  11. One of us is a single woman.  She is a beautiful and petite middle aged woman, and she has dated a lot.  She is interested in a long term relationship with a man, so she is careful who she goes out with, and she proceeds with caution. She is well-connected, a go-getter, and determined.
  12. One night we’re sitting at a table, talking, drinking wine, and she explains that she has made a major discovery about men from her new dating life.  Now, we are all curious.  We wonder, what is this mega discovery?  What is it that she found out?
  13. What she has discovered is so simple and basic and it makes so much sense that you will want to slap yourself in the forehead.  Sometimes you need to hear it from the outside to see if it applies to you.   First, almost all of the men she has gone on dates with are divorcees.  She explains that every one of her dates tells her the same story.
  14. “Ladies, let me tell you what.  All of these men, they say exactly the same thing to me.  And you can see it in each of their eyes.  They felt ignored, like their needs weren’t met, like they were last on the list. They tell me this EVERY SINGLE TIME (take your index finger and tap it with vigor on the table while reading that for emphasis), that they were put behind the kids and the friends and were not led to feel as important as other parts of their ex-wives lives.  They were lonely.  Each man’s story – it’s like a broken record.”  And with that last thought, she lets out a sigh.
  15. She goes on. From there, the marriages start to die.  These men saw the needs of everyone else came before their needs were met.  They were all lonely, and things fell apart.
  16. Of course, this got us all thinking.  Have we been doing this to our husbands?  Or have our husbands been doing this to us?  And it was a slap in the face, a wake up call, and a chance to readjust some of our priorities.  Thank goodness for the Anonymous8.  You have no idea what you are going to learn when you show up for a girls night in, but when women talk, the morsels of wisdom from our combined life lessons really is incalculable.  (To learn the origins of Anonymous8, go here.)